Engineering Design - Switchyard Layout & Elevation


The scope of engineering design services undertaken by the AIT comprises the following:-


1. Preparation of drawings:

a.             Single Line Diagram

b.             Switchyard General Layout

c.             Substation General Layout

d.             Switchyard Elevation and Typical Sections

e.             Substation Foundation and Cable Trench Layouts

f.              Substation Lightning Shielding Mast

g.             Switchyard Rigid Bus and Cable Jumper Assembly Details

h.             Substation Earthing Layout

i.               Substation Earthing Details

j.               Substation Cable Layout

k.             Substation Cable Block Diagrams

l.               Substation Cable Schedules

m.           Substation Connector List

n.             Substation Connector Layouts


2. Design Calculations:

a.             Substation Earthing System Design Calculations

b.             Substation Rigid Bus and Strain Bus Design Calculations

c.             Substation Lightning Shielding System Design Calculations

d.             Substation LVAC and LVDC Station Service System Design


e.             Current Transformer Design Calculations

f.              Capacitive Voltage Transformer Design Calculation

g.            Battery and Charger Sizing Design Calculations


3. Manufacturer’s Shop Drawing to be checked:

a.           Power Transformers

b.           Circuit Breakers

c.           Disconnect Switches and Earth Switches

d.           Instrument Transformers

e.           Surge Arresters

f.            Low Voltage AC and DC

g.           Earthing Transformers and Tertiary Equipment

h.           Solid Core Post Insulators and Disc Insulators

i.             Auxiliary Power and Control Cables

j.             Connectors


4. Coordination on following engineering drawings:

a.              Civil drawings

b.              Substation Disturbance Recording System Drawings

c.              Switchyard Steel Support Structures Drawings and Structural Design Calculations 




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