Engineering Design - Protection & Control Schematics

AIT offer a wide range of design needs, from protection scheme definition and relay selection, through coordination studies and relay settings, substation control & engineering design, to plant maintenance and safety aspects. AIT is fully competent in distribution network from 11kV up to 33kV and transmission network from 132kV up to 500kV.


The scope of engineering design services for protection and control undertaken by the AIT shall comprise the following:-


1. Preparation of drawings:

a.             General Drawings

b.             Overview Diagram

c.             Block Diagram Station Level

d.             Block Diagram Bay Level

e.             Logic Function Diagram

f.              Panel Drawings

g.             Parameter Lists

h.             Station Level Schematics

i.               Bay Level Schematics

j.               Cable Block Diagram

k.             Interconnection Table


2. Protection Scheme Design & Philosophy

AIT can provide complete design your protection scheme, whether you are looking for a single line-terminal upgrade, or complete primary and backup protection for a new installation.


         Evaluate and select the protective relays

       Define the AC and DC inputs and outputs

     Prepare system single-lines, three-lines, and DC schematics

     Create wiring diagrams and construction prints


3. Protective Relay Setting Calculation

Calculations of protection settings for the following protection applications are covered and AIT also provides client on the report presentation.


    i. Transmission Line Protection

       Line protection using time-stepped or communications-aided schemes

         Permissive Over Reaching Transfer Trip

         Permissive Under Reach Transfer Trip

         Directional Comparison Blocking/Unblocking

         Line Current Differential

         Busbar protection

         Automatic reclosing


     ii. Distribution Substation Protection

         Feeder Overcurrent Protection

         Feeder Unit Protection

         Automatic reclosing

         Transformer protection


     iii. Motor and Generator Protection

         Induction Motor Thermal/Over-current Protection

         Synchronous Generator Protection




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