Special Case Study


AIT also offers special case studies for our clients with regards to power system analysis and faults studies.


The extend of our capabilities as follows:


1. Power System Fault Studies


AIT provides accurate fault studies to provide the data needed to specify substation equipment, size switchgear, and set protective relays. 


When you need fault study results, AIT can deliver, either alone, or as part of a larger project.  For applications involving three-phase and complex network, AIT uses Electromagnetic Transient Program (ATP/EMTP) to simulate the required conditions. 


2. Digital Simulations


ATP is a universal program system for digital simulation of transient phenomena of electromagnetic as well as electromechanical nature. ATP-EMTP is used world-wide for switching and lightning surge analysis, insulation coordination and shaft torsional oscillation studies, protective relay modeling, harmonic and power quality studies, HVDC and FACTS modeling. Typical EMTP studies carried out by AIT are:


         Evaluation of Relay Protection Schemes

         Lightning overvoltage studies

         Switching transients and faults

         CT Saturation

         CVT Transient Response

         Transient stability, motor startup

         Transformer and shunt reactor/capacitor switching

         Transmission Line Switching

         Circuit breaker duty (electric arc), current chopping

         Protective Device Testing


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