Ait Synergy Ventures Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated as a private limited company in year 2003. The company is registered under the Malaysian registrar of companies (ROC). The ROC registration number is 653839-U.


AIT is a diversify company focusing on electrical equipments, engineering design services and project management consultancy services to meet the demand in power transmission and distribution of the utility industry. AIT also has a strong trading division in agrobase consumer and industrial product mainly in palm oil derivatives. We are a Export Bureau company.



AIT market a wide range of palm oil derivatives. We provide palm oil shortening, vegetable ghee, milk fat replacer, animal fat replacer, pink guava product and Tri-E Tocotrienols.


AIT brings the leading- edge electrical product  in the international market to customers. Product includes inspection tools and electrical apparatuses for power utility and privates industries.



AIT provide strategy, technical and management support services to meet the needs of our clients. Our dedicated Engineers provide cost-effective solutions and complete project services for all power utility and privates industries.

Trading of Agro-based Product | Palm Oil Shortening | Milk Fat Replacer | Animal Fat Replacer | Pink Guava Product
Equipment | Special Tools
Project Management Service | Engineering Design - Switchyard Layout & Elevation | Engineering Design - Protection & Control Schematics | Special Case Study



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